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InterSystems & FHIR
As a leader in healthcare data technology and standards-based interoperability, we’re committed to tackling your challenges through FHIR-based features and solutions, including:

  1. High performance and scalability.
  2. Legacy data transformation from HL7, CCD and OMOP to FHIR.
  3. Customize FHIR Operations.
  4. Upload Profiles Packages.
  5. Build your own FHIR solutions.
  6. Create FHIR Façades and FHIR Repositories.
  7. Manage Multi FHIR Server at the same time.
  8. Enhanced Development Experience and Reduced Learning Curve with FHIR Object Model
  9. Create SQL Projections from FHIR data (Storage Optimization)
Main Use Cases
  1. Population health & Analytics on FHIR.
  2. Unleash access to comprehensive patient records and clinical data.
  3. Clinical research.

    FHIR to IntegratedML
    Learn how to use FHIR resources to be augmented to use Machine Learning through InterSystems IntegratedML
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    HealthShare Health Connect Cloud integration engine
    InterSystems HealthShare® Health Connect Cloud is an integration engine that enables you to connect any number of healthcare systems, modern or legacy, and exchange information with them securely using common messaging standards such as FHIR®, HL7v2 and HL7v3, IHE Profiles, CDA/C-CDA, DICOM, and X12.
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    Get Started with InterSystems IRIS for Health
    In this tutorial you’ll learn how easy it is to integrate an application with data from an electronic health record (EHR). InterSystems IRIS for Health simplifies this process with:
    1. "Out-of-the-box" data transformations to and from HL7 FHIR and other interoperability standards and protocols
    2. A low/no code interface to manage message flows easily
    3. An integration engine that comes with a database for message storage, auditing and tracing and guaranteed message delivery

    InterSystem for Startups

    InterSystems Incubator - Caelestinus
    Build your innovation with technology used by world's most important applications! As part of the incubator, we provide free access to our healthcare solutions:

    • FHIR Server
    • FHIR Transformation Services
    • InterSystems Health Connect Cloud
    • InterSystems IRIS for Health
    InterSystems for Startups
    We invest in pre-seed and seed-level startups in healthcare, fintech, and supply chain, focusing on the global markets.

    We are looking for talented founders and teams with proven and ready-to-go technology built with InterSystems technology.

    We consider venture deals with startups from the USA, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia with registered ltd in the USA.

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